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Reusable Elastic Food Storage Plastic Covers (Pack of 100)

Reusable Elastic Food Storage Plastic Covers (Pack of 100)

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Reusable Elastic Food Storage Covers, Plastic Sealing Elastic Stretch Adjustable Bowl Lids

Easy to Use: These plastic wrap bowl covers can be stretched on any dish and plate. Compared with traditional plastic wrap, they make storage easier and faster.

Safety Material: These fresh keeping bags are made of food-grade colorful and healthy PE material, safe to use, not easy to tear, and durable.

Retractable Design: These food covers have elastic and retractable openings, which can be applied to bowls of different sizes and can cover the tops of bowls, plates and other containers. The opening can be stretched up to 45cm. Quickly cover and store while being able to see what is under the covers.

Clean and Tidy: With packaging plastic food covers, it is not only convenient for travel and carrying, but also conducive to planning a tidy kitchen.


Reusable elastic food storage plastic typically refers to food storage containers made of flexible plastic materials that have elastic properties, allowing them to stretch and conform to the shape of the food being stored. These containers often come with stretchable lids or covers that can accommodate different sizes and shapes of containers.

Here are some key features and benefits of reusable elastic food storage plastic: 


The elastic nature of these containers allows them to stretch to accommodate various shapes and sizes of food items, making them versatile for storing different types of food.

Airtight Seal

Many reusable elastic food storage plastics come with lids or covers that create an airtight seal when stretched over the container. This helps to keep food fresh for longer periods by preventing air and moisture from entering the container.


Our food storage covers are made from an inert material that contains no , PVC or BPA. Safe materials to use on food is our top priority. These are perfect and safe for family gatherings, picnics, or when transporting plates of food to a potluck dinner or BBQ.


Because of their flexibility,When you are setting up a picnic or outdoor family meal, this kit of covers really comes in handy. They keep pesky bugs off of your food while you are still prepping and plating everything. And they make cleanup and storage easy after the party!

These covers are 3x the thickness of other competitors. Their tight elastic seal helps keep food fresher for longer. They can also be easily removed and replaced over and over.


Stretchable elastic edging design, elastic leather ring. Maximum stretch 16.5in,High toughness not easy to break. Cover various types of plates, easy to use.

These food covers have elastic and retractable openings, which can be applied to bowls of different sizes and can cover the tops of bowls, plates and other containers.

A package contains 100 Pcs transparent food storage covers, enough quantity to ensure that you can use for a long time, to satisfy the need for freshness of fruits and food.

Easy to use

These elastic food storage covers can be stretched and wrapped around any bowls and plates, and can be reused. The elastic band provides a very good sealing effect, keeping the food fresh for a longer period of time and is dust and water resistant.

Product size and material

The microwave dish cover is made of food-grade high-quality transparent PE material, which is healthy and safe.This flexible and stretchable bowl cover can be used for large, medium and small size bowls and plates at home. Store food and have a wide range of uses: The outdoors mesh screen food covers is suitable for containers such as bowls, dishes, plates, etc., to keep food fresh and clean. The transparent design allows you to check food quickly and conveniently.

Overall, reusable elastic food storage plastic offers a convenient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solution for storing and preserving food.

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